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The Brown Swiss Cattle Society UK was formed in 1973 and has over 100 members across the UK and Ireland, all our members sharing a passion for the Brown Swiss Breed.
As a Society our aims are:
• To prepare and maintain and protect the UK herdbook of Pedigree Brown Swiss Cattle
• To promote the breed and represent the best interests of breeders and owners of Brown Swiss Cattle
• To support its members in improving the Brown Swiss Breed

Membership includes:
• The ability to register your Pedigree Brown Swiss animals in the UK herdbook using Webreg or Telereg –
adding value and traceability to your animals
• Access to classifi cation services – an independent assessment of cows in your herd reviews the strengths
and weaknesses to enhance longevity, health and welfare. It provides an overall classification score for your heifers and cows, which can substantially increase their value
• Regular breed and Society updates both through e-newsletters and the Society’s breed publication The Chimes


How to become a member:

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Brown Swiss Membership Rules

Please take note of the rules of the Society: