Pedigree Registrations

The National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC) maintains the Brown Swiss Herdbook.

Animals can be registered into the UK Brown Swiss Herdbook either by telephone or via the internet. These services are explained below.

TELEREG – FREEPHONE 0800 980 8565.

Freephone 0800 980 8565

Make sure you have your PIN (personal identification number) to hand. You will be asked for it every time you call the freephone number.

• Where possible, start with pedigree animals that you will apply for BCMS directly yourself, then pedigree animals that you wish us to register and send to BCMS and finally nonpedigrees that you wish us to send to BCMS only.

• If you have electronic identity for each animal, please give the number. You will then be asked for the following information:

1. Ear Tag Number of the Calf

2. Are you applying for a Passport?

3. BCMS Breed Code (The Brown Swiss Breed Code is 31)

4. Date of Birth and calving details

5. Sex of Calf

6. Service details eg Artificial Insemination/Natural Service/Embryo Transfer

7. AI date (if applicable)

8. Embryo Transfer Number/Recepient Dam’s Eartag number (if applicable)

9. Twin/Triplet?

10. Name of Sire

11. Sire’s Herdbook Number

12. Full Name of Dam

13. Dam’s Herdbook Number

14. Dam’s Eartag Number

15. Name of Calf

16. Line Number if known

The telephone operator will then give you a herdbook number which completes the registration.


Follow this link to register your calves online: